6 Coliving Spaces with an Art Focus for Artistic Nomads and Travelers

We believe that Art, Creativity and Colivings can save the world :)

Over the past few years, I've really gotten into the worlds of art and travel and transformed into a digital nomad fueled by a love for creativity, because creativity can be used not only for artists and craftsmen, but in any field you can think of.

While looking for like-minded folks, I realized there weren't many lively coliving spaces focusing on art and creativity.

That's why I decided to make a list of coliving sites where creative nomads can develop their talents and find like-minded people.

Coliving spots with a focus on art offer a special vibe for creative souls, digital nomads, and fellow travelers. It's a chance to live, work, and team up with others in a community that really fosters artistic passions.

Check out these six awesome coliving spaces tailor-made for creatives:
1. Teleport Coliving in Lefkara, Cyprus
Teleport Coliving offers a mountain base for 7 digital nomads focusing on happiness and growth through Art Therapy. They provide a safe and supportive environment where guests can explore their feelings, experiences, and challenges through art. The coliving space features community-based art therapy, art workshops including traditional techniques, and curated travel experiences.

2. Artist Housing in Los Angeles
Artist Housing is known as the world's first co-living community for film and music artists. Established in 2010, it provides affordable accommodations for professionals in the arts and entertainment industry. The community fosters collaboration among creatives from various fields such as actors, filmmakers, musicians, influencers, painters, and more. With flexible month-to-month leases and a range of amenities including production spaces, recording booths, game rooms, and theaters, Artist Housing offers a vibrant environment for artistic pursuits.
3. Frilingue Art Workation in Braunwald, Switzerland
Frilingue offers an Art Workation experience in Braunwald, Switzerland, where participants can unleash their creativity through digital nomading, wall painting, hiking in nature, and engaging with a supportive community. This unique art-making experience allows individuals to collaborate on large-scale projects while enjoying the beauty of the Swiss mountains. The coliving space emphasizes community cooking and shared dining experiences.
4. 908 Coliving Spaces in San Francisco, US
908 Coliving provides various options for digital nomads seeking coliving spaces around the world. With different price ranges and locations, these spaces offer opportunities for remote workers to live and work in diverse environments suited to their preferences.

5. Airubud in Bali, Indonesia
Airubud, Bali's first contemporary artist residency and creative tropical homestay, offers living and working space for artists, musicians, designers, filmmakers, digital nomads, writers, art lovers, travelers, yogis, and individuals of various backgrounds. Situated next to a river in Bali, the lush tropical environment provides a distinctive creative flavor for residents. The space encourages collaboration and creativity through shared studios and guest rooms, large tables for work, sauna facilities, bonfires, and opportunities to meet like-minded individuals. Tranquil rice fields and the town center are within walking distance, offering a blend of inspiration and relaxation.

6. Liveatcreative Los Angeles, CA
Liveatcreative provides a platform for creative living where individuals can apply to be part of a vibrant community focused on artistic pursuits. The application process is straightforward; applicants fill out a few questions on the Live At Creative page, undergo background checks upon submission of a full-length application, and proceed to an interview if accepted. This coliving space aims to create an environment where creatives can thrive and collaborate with like-minded individuals.

In conclusion, these six coliving spaces with an art focus cater to the needs of digital nomads and travelers who prioritize creativity in their work and lifestyle. From the stunning landscapes of Cyprus to the cultural richness of Bali and the dynamic urban environment in Switzerland, each space offers a unique blend of inspiration, community, and productivity for the modern-day creative nomad.

Whether you're actively working in a creative field or simply seeking inspiration while expanding your horizons, we'd love to invite you to our Facebook group Artistic Nomads Community where you can share your experiences, suggest interesting places that inspire you, or exchange various life hacks that make our nomadic journeys even more exciting.

P.S. If you own this kind of coliving or know of such places, email me (stasbalaur@gmail.com) and I'll be happy to update this list.

March 1st, 2024
Author Stas Balaur
Cover Photo
Aliya Amangeldi

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